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Important Recordings

Steps 1-3 : Tom F. and Steve F.

Steps 4-6 : Tom F. and Steve F.

Steps 7-9 : Tom F. and Steve F.

Steps 10-12 : Tom F. and Steve F

One Acoholic Sharing With Another : Steve F.

History of AA : Tom F.

Traditions 1-6 : Tom F. and Steve F.

Traditions 7-12 : Tom F. and Steve F.

The Original Secret Agent of God : Dave P.

Find a Local Meeting

AA’s official website contains information on how to find your local AA offices and certain meetings. For best results, type the name of the closest city, followed by “Alcoholics Anonymous” into a Google search. This should yield local websites that contain meeting lists.
If you are unable to locate a meeting, please ask one of the facilitators in the chat room to find you one. Be prepared to give a city and state, a county, or other province name so that they can assist you.


Big Book, Hard Copy

Want a hard copy of the Big Book? Call your country’s General Service Office and order one over the telephone. We don’t recommend buying from vendors such as Amazon!
Most local AA groups give them away for free or at cost or let you pay for them as you can. Ask for one!


Big Book, Hard Copy Mini

Need a lot of Big Books? Need them cheap?


Big Book, Audio Format

Ideal for those who find difficulty reading, an Audio Version of the Big Book in mp3 format. Thanks to John D. for providing this essential tool.


Big Book, Local PC Install Format FREE

This is a basic version of the text of Alcoholics Anonymous. It includes the first 164 pages, the original foreword, The Dr.’s Opinion and Dr. Bob’s Story.  The text is fully searchable and found text is highlighted.


Big Book, Local PC Install Format $12

The hope is that the users of e-AA will make the e-aa program self supporting. An enormous amount of work and a good deal of money went into putting it together. By registering your copy of the program, you will be helping pay the bills incurred while compiling e-AA, and enabling both the creation of future versions and technical support for current versions


AA Official Website Books

  • Both of these options require the installation of a plugin.
  • This left-hand image takes you to the 4th Edition of the Big book at the official Alcoholics Anonymous website.
  • This right-hand image takes you to Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions at the official Alcoholics Anonymous website

AA Guidelines for the Deaf

Carrying the A.A. Message to the deaf alcoholic.


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